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Leadership is Tricky

Published on: Jan 21, 2013 | Tags: Leadership, Leadership Development, Team Leadership, Self Leadership, Productivity

Captain AMy four and a half year old grandson went out on the sailboat with his dad and me this weekend. There was no wind to speak of, so we motored around a bit with my grandson at the helm. I think you would agree he is a great helmsman if you had seen him. I am convinced he is a natural, and I am fairly certain this is not Skipper’s (that is what he calls me) bias. He was able to hold a heading, avoid running aground, and obey the warning buoys. He even let out a “Land ho!” a few times. A true sailor!

When he was ready to return to the marina, he pointed the boat in that direction. After a moment, he turned to me and said, “Skipper, this looks tricky, I think you had better do it.” Amazing perceptivity for a four and a half year old, I think. It is tricky to bring a boat into its slip in a marina. There are many factors that must be considered and he was aware that he needed more experience to be successful. Do you ever feel that way as a leader?

 I have been working with leaders for over a decade, developing resources that result in skill development. I have trained, coached, written, and consulted with many developing leaders, and I believe most of them recognized that leadership is tricky. It is so tricky that a few months ago, I was asked my definition of leadership and I replied I could not provide a succinct definition. I had definitions of self-leadership, team leadership, and organizational leadership, but not a general definition that encompassed all three. These three definitions are the basis of what I have called the Trimergent Leadership® System.

 Last year I began a review of the science behind our content and approach to leadership development. In that review, I was able to write a succinct definition of Trevolutionary LeadershipTM that people will be able to apply practically to self, workgroup, and organization. It brings clarity of practice to leaders. This effective leadership practice will revolutionize the way leaders lead, improving work performance. We are introducing our new leadership system, the Trevolutionary LeadershipTM System, this year. The new system builds on the previous one with greater clarity, a renewed focus on skill development, and a continued commitment to new science that supports new practices so leaders will no longer have to rely on the historical practices of scientific management.

 Leadership is tricky, but with competence developed over time and through practice, it can be mastered. We are committed to developing people who lead with concepts, knowledge, and skills that yield results personally, in workgroups, and in organizations. If you are finding leadership tricky, and would like more information on how we can revolutionize your leadership practices please contact me at clint@jclintanderson.com.


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